The Best Vegetarian Restaurants (and Menus) in Perth

Updated 6 months ago


Finally. Vegetables, tofu and meat alternatives are having their moment in the sun. Just a few years ago, vegetarians were an afterthought at many restaurants, forced into the corners of meat-heavy menus to choose from unsurprising options (bland burgers, we’re looking at you). While Perth doesn’t have a heap of 100 per cent vegetarian restaurants, many of its diners have dedicated plant-based menus, like at Spice Market and The Seasonal Brewing Co. Others – like KCH, Sauma and La Cabana – have plenty of plant-based options to ensure you don’t miss out on any fun. Without further ado, these are the best restaurants in Perth to get your veggie fix, curated by Broadsheet’s food and drink editors.

  • Find one of Perth’s best Indonesian eateries in a major shopping centre. Tuck into their high-definition Indonesian curries, handmade noodles, vegan and vegetarian plates, and spread of Indonesian sweets.

  • There’s nothing common about Coogee Common. Not its sprawling garden, not the warmth of the renovated Coogee Hotel space, and not the produce-driven, no-waste cooking of chef Nathaniel Murray, an alum of Melbourne fine diner Vue du Monde. You'll find earthy cooking in the dining room; counter meals and snacks in the pub; and vegetables, fruit and honey in the backyard.

  • A family- and pet-friendly brewery with elevated pub fare (including a separate vegan and vegetarian menu). With 16 taps, 300 seats and a big outdoor area, it caters for any group or occasion.

  • The lengthy menu at this lively Karrinyup Thai eatery packs in street-food classics, a dedicated vegan menu, salads with a kick, fragrant curries and more. And dessert is taken just as seriously.

  • Indian street food with an Australian edge.

  • This perky 50-seater is a love letter to Japan’s north – offering deeply flavoured curry (including vegan options) and rice, beer and wine from Hokkaido.

  • From the grapes to the potatoes, nearly everything is grown on site.

  • Skewer and plunge a variety of vegetables into bubbling broth (spiked with more than 20 different Chinese herbs and spices) at this popular hotpot chain. Payment is determined by the weight of ingredients in each pot, so it’s easy to have a pot solo, or to load up and share between a group.

  • Stop by this laid-back diner for homely dishes from Kuching, the Malaysian city recognised by Unesco for its gastronomy. Many dishes, from the char kway teow to the tomato mee (crispy tomato noodles), can be made vegetarian or vegan.

  • This casual, dog-friendly taqueria in South Freo is landing bold blows for Aus-Mexican cooking. Maybe you'll find a white bean puree taco with avocado and pickled cucumber; or one stuffed with roasted beetroot, cauliflower and smoked corn. From the bar: wine, local beers, tequila and mezcal.

  • This buzzing chicken shop mightn’t seem like your first stop for a plant-powered meal. But luckily, you can come with your omnivore mates and switch to plant-based V2 “chicken” for its nuggets and sandwiches.

  • An ambitious “fast and furious” eatery inside The Rechabite.

  • This pastiche Asian cuisines succeeds with sheer flair, whether you're eating a fiery salad or sipping a ginger-spiked cocktail.

  • Enjoy outstanding Middle Eastern flavours in an unlikely location. The falafels are fried to order based on a recipe from the founder’s Yemeni grandmother and made in-house, just like the hummus and tahini.