Leederville’s tight-knit village-y feel means that many of the area’s best restaurants are just a short walk from one another. But though there isn’t much distance separating them, the diversity of food and cuisines is truly noteworthy.

Whether you’re after tapas, ramen or one of Perth’s best burgers, there’s a spot here for you.

Rusty Pig


A fire-fuelled restaurant going back to basics.

1 226 Oxford Street, Leederville

Mon Taste of Japan


Here, the East embraces the West with exceptional results.

14 663 Newcastle Street, Leederville



Accomplished tapas on the Leederville main drag.

749 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Thuggs Fried Chicken & Waffles


A hip-hop-themed fried-chicken joint.

747 Newcastle Street, Leederville



An all-day tapas and wine bar, that's all about dropping in for jamon and a glass of sherry.

662 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Jus Burgers Leederville


It started the gourmet burger invasion, and it’s still leading the charge.

743 Newcastle Street, Leederville

The Meatball Bar


A tapas bar with balls.

745 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Will Street


Chef Will Meyrick’s Leederville restaurant is all about the bold flavours of Southeast Asia, with a focus on Thai cuisine. It also slings spice-friendly wines and cocktails, plus a signature rice lager and gin by Fremantle brewery, Running with Thieves.

1 288 Carr Place, Leederville