Best Nurseries and Plant Shops in Perth

Updated April 13th, 2023


House plants are a vital connection to nature (however tenuous) and many species even purify the air. And treated well, plants grow and improve over time, rather than gradually falling apart like everything else you own. (Keeping them alive isn’t nearly as difficult as people make out.)

Shop for new indoor plants at these spots – from chic, tiny homewares stores to sprawling, multi-acre nurseries. Alternately, if you already you know what you want, order online at Dawson’s Garden World, Green Assembly, Stackwood, Hass & Co Botanics or Little Leaf Co.

  • This former diesel warehouse is now a thriving community hub, home to nine small businesses. But key among them is a plant shop operated by Stackwood itself and staffed by a landscape architect and florist, among others. Pop into the attached cafe, Stacked, for a coffee, then browse the extensive range of ferns, cacti, ficuses and other indoor plants, with plenty of pots to match. You can also shop the range online.

  • Don’t be deceived by this shop’s modest, wrought-iron-gated entrance. Inside there’s a manageable warren of rooms, each brimming with plants. The front room alone is enough to satisfy most needs, with its bevy of rubber plants, monsteras and other popular indoor species. Head out the back to find slightly larger specimens and a wider range of pots from in-demand brands such as Melbourne’s Pop & Scott and Angus & Celeste. If you like what you see, book an appointment with Little Leaf’s consultant, who can style your home or office.

  • Positioned somewhere between a big commercial nursery and a typical indoor plant shop, Miaflora is the ideal place to plan and shop for a small garden, without being overwhelmed by choice. The compact backyard carries hedging plants, drought-tolerant natives, cottage garden classics and water plants. Indoors you’ll find, well, indoor plants. And a range of pots and giftware, which isn’t quite as modern as that stocked at other inner city stores. Horticulturalists and other specialists are on staff to help you navigate it all.

  • Bar Botanik is far from the first business to think of combining coffee and homewares, but it does so with exceptional flair. “Am I drinking coffee in a plant shop? Or shopping for plants in coffee shop?” is a question you might ask yourself as you tour this pretty, blonde-timbered space, where creepers and succulents cascade from the walls, ceilings and shelves. Unusually, most of these plants come not from a wholesaler but from the personal greenhouses of the three owners.

  • This chain of nurseries began operating in 1903, just two years after Australia became a country. Sit with that for a second. Today, the Forrestfield HQ (purchased in 1914) is a huge production nursery than supplies about 85 per cent of the plants sold at other Dawson’s locations, in Joondalup, O’Connor and Swanbourne. Roses are a particular speciality, but this huge, multi-acre site has everything a gardener could need, from garlic bulbs and succulents to hedges and fruit trees.

  • Empire Homewares is a furniture store first and foremost, but the potted plants scattered around this chic, spacious store are more than numerous enough to justify the trip. If you need horticultural advice, however, you’re better off elsewhere.