The Best Mexican Restaurants in Perth

Updated 1 month ago


Remember when Mexican food was a box of hard-shelled tacos, a block of cheddar and a packet of spice mix? We’ve well and truly moved on from those days. Perth has a lively bunch of next-generation taquerias serving excellent south-of-the-border cuisine. There’s a spot for most occasions, whether you’re down for tacos and sundowners at La Cabana or a mezcal-soaked evening at El Publico. So do it like the Mexicans do: order a few rounds of tacos or tostadas, and pair them with a Michelada, tequila or smoky mezcal.

  • A bar and eatery bringing Mexican street life to the heart of Beaufort Street.

  • Tequila and tacos every night of the week.

  • A Mexican good-time bar with an impressive collection of mezcal and tequila, and snacks.

  • This casual, dog-friendly taqueria in South Freo is landing bold blows for Aus-Mexican cooking. Maybe you'll find a pork and pineapple taco dressed with a native strawberry and saltbush sauce. Or try the spiced broccoli enlivened with a mole, a traditional Mexican marinade, made here with wattleseed. From the bar: wine, local beers, tequila and mezcal.