The Best Ice-cream and Gelato in Perth

Updated 1 week ago


Gelato and ice-cream are both made by mixing milk, sugar and cream (and sometimes, eggs) until smooth, but they’re not quite the same.

Ice-cream has ten to 25 per cent fat. It’s churned quickly to incorporate more air, then served relatively cold. The aim here is superior richness and a full, creamy mouthfeel.

Gelato is more of a vehicle for highlighting the fresh fruits and nuts it’s flavoured with. The denser Italian treat is churned more slowly than ice cream, and contains less air and fat (five to 10 per cent). It’s also served warmer, bringing those added flavours to the fore.

On a hot day, we don't really mind which one's on offer, so long as it's made with care, using high-quality milk and fresh ingredients. Here are some of the best places you can find a scoop (or three) across Perth.

  • With spots all over the country (and one in Hong Kong), Sydney-born Messina is Australia’s biggest gelato success story. At its first Perth outpost, try its knockout scoops (think milk chocolate with peanut fudge) and creamy cakes.

  • Aussie nostalgia meets Italian know-how at this breezy new gelato store by the beach.

  • Artisanal, small-batch gelato.

  • Forget the cone or cup. This gelato comes on plates.

  • The classic Italian dessert goes new-school.

  • Prepare yourself for outlandish flavours such as rosemary and olive oil; and chicken-salt fries and white chocolate (that’s one flavour).