Best Croissants in Perth

Updated March 15th, 2023


Croissants are notoriously hard to make. Even beyond the skill and patience required, you have to work with the weather. A slight change in humidity, air temperature or even the heat in your hands can radically change the final product.

Whether they're yeast raised and prepped by a baker, or more patisserie in style and baked at high temperatures so steam separates the layers, there are a few things that mark a good croissant. It should be crisp but not overly crumbly. The dough within should be buttery and fluffy. When you pull at the sides it should stretch, not break.

This is the ideal, but even the best pastry chefs have their off days. This is a growing list of some of the most consistently good operators in Perth. Just make sure to get in early – you'll never find a good croissant in the afternoon.

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