The Best Coffee in Perth

Updated 8 months ago


Perth’s coffee scene has come a long way in recent years. Far from offering just a single dark-roasted blend, many cafes now offer multiple beans and extraction methods. But whether you’re a fan of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe poured through a V60, or a full-bodied Brazilian extracted into a latte, these spots have you covered. Go on, get that day started.

  • An Italian-inspired specialty-coffee bar. Go for its in-house coffee blend, or buy a bag from the featured roasters on regular rotation. Plus, find fresh croissants, pastries, granola and toasties.

  • The high-end coffee store features “risk-free” pricing, a well-stocked retail space and rare single-origin coffees served in wine glasses.

  • The Mary Street Bakery team’s roaster and dedicated coffee spot. There's also a self-serve food station that comes stacked with familiar treats, sandwiches, salad bowls and breakfast offerings.

  • Focusing on the flat white, takeaway options and classes for the domestic barista.

  • A suburban cafe serving specialty coffee alongside great doughnuts and house-smoked barbeque meats.

  • When two of the three owners are former state champion baristas, you know you're in safe hands.

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  • If you like skinny or soy milk in your coffee, this purist cafe isn't the one for you.

  • If you like no holds-barred, bombastic brunches, Architects and Heroes will get a big tick. Plus, it's underpinned by a serious commitment to high-quality coffee.

  • Come for the good coffee, but don’t leave without a sweet galaktobureko.

  • Takeaway coffee with bagels, crumpets and breakfast cups.

  • For those who value diversity of both origin and roaster. There are several guest seasonal blends each week, plus espresso and cold-brew offerings.

  • An all-Italian coffee roaster named after the most venerated of beans.

  • For the love of coffee and all things handmade. Everything is roasted in-house and pulled through custom-built Slayers.

  • One stop for caffeine and a curated collection of fashion labels.

  • An unexpected and creative menu makes this a must-try.

  • Sample a small slice of the Big Apple at this beautifully designed cafe.

  • It pumps out 900 coffees per day, but somehow, the baristas still manage to remember everyone’s name.

  • At this sibling cafe to Mo Espresso, coffee comes from a wide range of renowned roasters. Food ranges from the simple (blueberry bagels) to the extravagant (gelato doughnut burgers).

  • Coffee, doughnuts and more by the founders of Max + Sons.

  • Head to the source of a benchmark in Perth coffee.

  • Choose from a single origin or the house blend.

  • Whatever your favourite brewing method, chances are it’s here.

  • The noted roaster’s colourful pro shop is a destination for serious coffee drinkers. Stop by for cold brew on tap, a robust retail selection and baked goods from local bakery, Big Loaf.

  • Eat breakfast beside the roasting equipment.

  • A tiny laneway coffee shop with a big heart. Go for standout single-origin coffee from Twin Peaks and Daylight Coffee Roasters, or try the Viennese “einspanner” coffee. Plus, flaky croissants and Holy Bagel’s perfectly doughy bagels.

  • Set in a modest airy warehouse, this queer-friendly roastery churns out a formidable amount of coffee. Try its single origins, blends and seasonal releases here, or buy bags of beans and compostable coffee pods for home. It all pairs well with the crowd-favourite carrot cake.

  • This cafe is far more welcoming than the infamously low bridge it’s named after. Come for souped-up breakfasts (including grab-and-go options), hot house-blend coffee, house-made sweets and community vibes.