Best Bars in Subiaco

Updated 1 day ago


Subiaco is one of Perth’s biggest hubs for nightlife. It’s in the inner city, it’s well connected to the rest of town and, most importantly, it’s got a lot of great places to have a drink at.

The Subiaco Hotel still dominates, but there are a number of smaller bars in the area doing great work. Some with wine lists championing interesting grapes and unusual production methods, others by just providing the ideal space in which to have a good time.

In any case, there’s a bar in here for you.

  • A shabby-chic small bar from the same team behind Northbridge’s Bivouac Canteen.

  • This historic icon still dazzles in the present.

  • This brewery nods to one of WA’s soft drink pioneers. Yet you’ll find a much wider range here. Go for a hazy mid-strength, a classic lager and an award-winning porter. Order by the pint, paddle or in tinnies to go. Also on the menu: share-friendly plates with Southeast and South Asian flavours.