Magna Pizza

Closed Permanently

If you’re familiar with the Roman dialect, you might have an inkling of what this pizzeria is all about. Translated as “great” in Latin, Magna makes authentic Roman pizzas: thin, crusty, almost crunchy bases, and pungent toppings, compared to the more ubiquitous Napoli offerings.

Owners Brad Ness and Giovanna Bontempi know a thing or two about Italy’s capital. Giovanna is a native of Rome, and Brad spent 13 years there, while another couple from Rome produce the bases. More authenticity points: ingredients such as prosciutto and mozzarella are imported from Italy, and the pizzas are named for Roman imperial times.

The signature Magna is like a luxury Meat Lover’s, with its mix of lamb, beef, pork and chicken, and a special homemade pesto with a hint of smoky barbecue. Vegetarians opt for the Jordana, topped with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. And admittedly less traditional – but every bit as tasty – is the sweet-and-savoury Nutella strawberry pizza.

Housed in The Mantle, an open-plan dining area in a converted warehouse, Magna looks minimal but rustic, with sleek polished wood and indoor plants.

Sticky liquor-licensing laws mean you can’t enjoy a cocktail from neighbour Alter Ego while you eat your pizza. But BYO is permitted. Phew.

Updated: December 24th, 2018

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