“Don’t eat all day. Go for a run beforehand.”

That’s the (only half-joking) advice from Jason Jujnovich to guests attending a Back to Balkan dinner. As attendees at previous events will attest, our man’s celebration of Balkan food isn’t the sort of thing people go hungry at.

After a two-year hiatus, Back to Balkan is back, albeit in a new home. Whereas previous dinners were held at Mount Hawthorn’s beloved trattoria Divido, Jujnovich is moving the show across the river, to South Perth’s Red Cabbage.

Despite the change of venue, nothing’s changing on the food front. The menu will consist of gutsy Eastern European dishes served family-style. Among the things diners can expect: Jujnovich’s own ćevapi, (Croatian pork and beef sausages), braised meat-stuffed cabbage rolls known as sarma, and roasted suckling pig.

“They’re not ground-breaking, gastronomic dishes,” says Jujnovich, “but very much homely, old-school dishes that people reminisce about. European guests in the past would always tell us, this is what my grandma or baba [Croatian grandmother] used to make.”

Keeping in the spirit of the dinners, a selection of Balkan beverages and cocktails will be available during the week-long pop-up.

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Back to Balkan is at Red Cabbage from July 5 to July 9. The three-course menu of shared entrees, mains and desserts is $69 per person Tuesday to Thursday and $79 per person Friday and Saturday. Minimum table size of four people. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling (08) 9367 5744.