Tim Willing draws one main comparison between cycling and coffee: precision.

“It’s the beauty of coffee,” says Willing. “Every shot is weighed and timed.”

The former Australian track-cycling champion and property developer opened Willing Coffee last week with wife Veronique. Their idea has been blossoming over a number of years, fostered by baristas who have taken the time to talk to them about speciality coffee.

“Baristas would show us different tastes and flavours,” he says. “We want to do that for our customers too.”

West Perth roaster Mano a Mano is the staple on offer. Brew-specific single origins from featured roasters will be on regular rotation, and customers can buy beans to take home. Expect to see coffee from Norwegian roaster Tim Wendleboe in the coming weeks.

While the Willings have a deep love for coffee, they know their own limitations. Pulling the shots are baristas Adam Styles, Mark Hancock and Mitchell Fink, a certified Q grader (someone who assesses and grades coffee from farmers).

The food offering is simple but well considered. Customers can expect fresh, warm croissants and pastries, homemade cakes, granola, and toasties. Ricotta on toast with honey and nuts is worth taking for a spin. Soups and salads are next to be added to the menu. Food items are attractively presented in a sliding, jewellery box-style display with angled mirrors that allow customers to view all the options. Part of the Willings’ vision is to create a warm, inviting space.

“The whole design ethos is based on the beauty of the family-run coffee shops from the ’50s in Italy,” says Tim. “They’re the little ones that you go into and they are still run by the same family. We want it [the cafe] to be the sort of place that people come every day and that isn’t an indulgence. “

Willing Coffee’s pared-back aesthetic – there are a few cosy tables, a couple of seats at the bar – will be familiar to anyone who’s spent time in a neighbourhood cafe in Italy. Curved lines and steel abutted with matte marble mimic the coffee machines, and the new building Willing Coffee is in. It’s also a nod to Tim’s passion for cycling, as is the offer of bicycle repair kits and pumps. Energising protein snacks will soon be available to help get riders home. Journals and newspapers of the day will be available for customers to read and four-legged friends are welcome.

Willing Coffee
110 Terrace Road, Guildford

Mon to Fri 6.30am–4.00pm
Sat to Sun 6.30am–3.00pm


This article first appeared on Broadsheet on August 2, 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.