Kevin O’Sullivan and Aaron Walsh of William Street bike shop Get Ya Fix have a reputation for serving some of the best coffee and jaffles in Perth. Eighteen months ago the duo began offering bagels alongside the toasted sandwiches. The new addition has proven a hit, so much so that O’Sullivan and Walsh decided to retire the jaffles and move to a bagel-only menu. They’ve also given their new brand a name. Enter William Street Bagels.

“We’ve done three-and-a-half years of jaffles and just thought it was time,” says O’Sullivan. “Our inspiration was New York bagels. I spent time in London this year and ate bagels for a whole month. There are some good ones there, more Jewish-style but plenty of New York-style as well.”

The menu (prices range from $8 to $14) includes the familiar smoked salmon and cream cheese, vegetarian combinations, and tributes to classic sandwiches, such as the Reuben. The bagels are from The Holy Bagel Company and come in plain, sesame, rye, “everything” and gluten-free varieties. Coffee remains from local roaster Twin Peaks.

A key addition is the inverted bagel, a concept O’Sullivan says is popular in Los Angeles. It’s made by toasting only the cut side of the bagel, flipping it, then filling from the bottom of the outside of the bagel. The rounded top goes on the inside. (Confused? Look at the pictures.)

“Nobody’s doing them in Perth,” he says. “It’s like a brioche bun, nice and soft. It’s got a different texture in your mouth than a two-sided toasted bagel.”

Coinciding with the change of direction is the return of Friday lunch specials. The first special will be a burger-bagel featuring a patty from Perth barbeque authority and teacher, Gusface Grillah.

“We’ve got a few ideas down the line,” says O’Sullivan. “We’ll do some crazy specials but stay away from challenges and so on. That’s not for us. We just want good flavours in a bagel at a reasonable price.”

Diners can also design their own bagel: an option that has already proven popular.

“You can only put so many ingredients in a jaffle before it overloads, but you can put up to 25 in our bagels if you want,” says O’Sullivan. “We’ve been doing it through Uber Eats for six months and it’s one of our biggest sellers.”

William Street Bagels is inside Get Ya Fix.

William Street Bagels at Get Ya Fix
1/471 William Street, Perth

Tue to Sun 7am–3pm

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on December 5, 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.