A single, soft-yolked egg. Mushrooms slowly braised in coriander butter. Crisp shards of chicken skin. Combine all these elements in a jar, add a plume of sweet smoke and you’re looking at the makings of an instant signature. At least that was the case when chef Hadleigh Troy debuted this dish at Restaurant Amuse, the defunct East Perth fine diner he and wife Carolynne opened in 2007.

In news that’s sure to please many, this much-loved egg-in-a-jar will be on the menu at Hampton & Maley, the new Vic Park cafe the couple are opening in February. The really good news? The eggs will be served with the restaurant’s equally lauded sourdough and whipped butter.

“Eggs, bread and butter – what more do you need?” jokes Hadleigh.

The dish, however, isn’t going to be a carbon copy of the Amuse signature. There won’t be – at least initially – smoke in the jars, but on the upside, each serving will include two wobbly, golden-yolked eggs rather than one.

While the egg-in-the-jar will command plenty of attention, it’d be foolish to overlook the rest of the menu. Out and out deliciousness appears to be the order of the day with the restaurants sourdough featuring prominently. The toast bar menu sees Amuse’s sourdough topped with combinations such as anchovy butter and watercress, chicken liver parfait and pickles, and babaganoush and pomegranate.

A “sambos” menu runs to the likes of bacon and egg foccacias and a confit chicken croque monsieur. To the menu proper: expect blue swimmer crab omelettes; jamon, white anchovies and a fried egg on toast; and roast broccoli with chilli, anchovies and almond milk. A choice of four different salads will be available each day while younger diners can hook into five-dollar kids meals: think baked beans and cheese on toast of a higher order.

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Hampton & Maley opens early February.

Hampton & Maley
59 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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