Go to the footy, get some takeaway burgers from Hungry Jack’s on the way home, watch Hey, Hey It's Saturday. Growing up in Melbourne, this is how Simon Kony fell for hamburgers.

“There’s something about a Whopper I’ve always liked,” says the man behind Short Order Burger Company and some of Perth’s best American-style cheeseburgers. “In a way, it’s sort of a comfort food. It just constantly reminds me of how good burgers are.”

This month, Kony is making his love for the Whopper (even more) official with the release of the WAAPA, a beefy tip-of-the-hat to one of the world’s best-known sandwiches as well as ECU’s dedicated arts school, the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Just one catch: the WAAPA will only be available for four hours when Short Order takes over ECU’s Grindhouse Cafe on International Burger Day (Saturday May 28).

While post-mix Coke hasn’t quite made it onto the Grindhouse menu, you can look forward to milkshakes and the cafe’s excellent coffee. A selection of other Short Order burgers will also be offered, as is the ability to customise WAAPAs to the Nth degree. Did someone say ultimate double WAAPA?

Short Order Burger Co will take over Grindhouse Cafe between 10am and 2pm on Saturday May 28.

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