Many associate Brika, Stirling Street’s Greek small-bar-that-could, with seafood, rotisserie beasts, benchmark-worthy yiros and 50 shades of lamb. In April, the bar is putting the grilled meats on hold for a one-night vegan Greek feast.

Although the set menu features remixes of some typically non-vegan dishes (spanakopita with wild weeds and non-dairy mozzarella stand-in notzarella, say, and butter-free baklava), many of the dishes served are, traditionally, plant-based. According to Brika owner Simon Psaros, plant-based food features prominently in Greek culture and history. (Philosopher Plato is perhaps Greece’s most famous vegan while the lacto-vegetarian Pythagorean diet is named after the famous Greek mathematician.)

“Traditional Greek cooking is heavily based on seasonal vegetables,” says Psaros. “Over thousands of years, Greeks adapted a diet around veganism in accordance with its yearly church calendar, which includes strict fast practices. Brika knows vegans are limited in their dining options so wanted to create a night just for them.”

A selection of vegan wines will be available by the glass and bottle.

A Vegan Odyssey is on Tuesday April 9 at Brika. Reservations begin at 5pm and tickets are $55 per person and available online.