For all its freakshake and celebrity-cat worship, Instagram isn't without its moments. Perth Japanophiles can thank the social-media platform for helping to convince Tsunami owner, Brett Carboni, and chef Tetsuya Sakamoto to introduce a weeknight sushi omakase (a "trust-the-chef" tasting menu) to the restaurant.

"It was something we were just doing for special customers," says Carboni. "Tets[uya] did one for Muneki [Song] from Nine Fine Food, and I Instagrammed the meal. The response was really positive, and following some encouragement … we decided to offer it to all our guests."

Sushi was already part of Tsunami's a-la-carte and set menus, but the specialised sushi omakase will allow Sakamoto and sous chef Tomo Nozue to source different fish and push out the proverbial sushi boat a little further than usual: think shiny, "blue" fish such as mackerel and sardine (hikarimono in Japanese) and shellfish. From the diner's perspective, the omakase offers an added touch of theatre (the menu is served in Tsunami Ko, the restaurant's dedicated counter area).

"The sushi is made in front of you and there's plenty of interaction between the chef and the customer," says Carboni.

The sushi omakase is available for dinner Monday to Thursday and needs to be booked a day in advance. Guests can choose from two different set menus. The $79 menu includes otsumami (appetisers), sashimi, 10 courses of nigiri sushi, one hosomaki roll (thin sushi roll), soup and dessert. The $95 menu also includes a hot appetiser.

18 Glyde Street, Mosman Park
(08) 9284 7788

Daily 5pm–10.30pm (sushi omakase only available Monday to Thursday)