Thoughtfully chosen wines? Tick. Records? Tick. Boutique beers, spirits and related boozy paraphernalia? Tick, tick and tick. Tiny’s Liquor Emporium, an intimate 25-person bar and bottle shop at Tiny’s in the CBD, is locked, loaded and ready to go.

Following the same mid-century modern lead of its mothership, Tiny’s Liquor Emporium is clean of line and uncluttered of aesthetic. Its monotone, all-black colour scheme puts the focus squarely on what’s on the shelves which, for the most part, is bottles of interesting vino. But while the store’s inventory features plenty of things not commonly found in Perth – think Californian chenin blanc, rare skin-contact whites and Serbian wine – expect some familiar labels, too.

“We’re stocking some pretty left-field small producers, but at the same time we’ve also got the Brokenwood semillon and other well-known wines,” says Rachael Niall, manager of Tiny’s Liquor Emporium. “We’re pretty conscious of our location and that there are people who want those classic regional styles. It’ll be nice to mix things up.”

In addition to a core range of six wines by the glass (this selection will change fortnightly), Niall will offer different glass pours each day. Coravin technology – a wine system that uses a microscopic needle and inert gas to pour wine from a bottle without removing its cork – means that every bottle in stock can, if request by guests, be sold by the glass. Alternatively, any bottle can be drunk at the bar by adding a $15 corkage fee to its shelf price. This enoteca-type approach isn’t just limited to the wine, but extends to everything sold in-store.

“If you like it, take it home with you,” says Tiny’s general manager, Brett Robinson. “All the glassware we have here is available to take home, the decanters if you like them, buy one and take it home. If you like the record you’re listening to, they’re also for sale.”

As well as packaged beer and bottles of spirits, the store also sells tap beers in squealers and growlers. Cocktail equipment, high-grade ice and pre-batched cocktails will also be sold while the records have been supplied by Highgate Continental. Among the things people can expect to hear playing in-store and be able to purchase: albums from The Beastie Boys, Miles Davis and The Rolling Stones.

“We just want everything to be accessible,” says Robinson. “It’s nice to be that hybrid bar-slash-bottle-shop where you can basically try everything before buying.”

Although the food offering will be basic – expect the wine-friendly likes of tinned anchovies, olives and cheese – plans are afoot to host monthly guest chef takeovers.

Tiny’s Liquor Emporium opens Monday July 2.

Tiny’s Liquor Emporium
QV1, 250 St Georges Tce, Perth
(08) 6166 9188

Mon-Sat 11:30am – 9pm