Zu tisch! In German, it means it’s time to gather the community around the table to dine.

It’s a fitting inspiration for Sven and Sarah Sander’s new CBD cafe. As well as wanting locals to dine with them, the husband-and-wife team has already established a community of creatives and collaborators around Tiisch.

Many local businesses have helped bring the cafe to life. State 28 Interiors was responsible for the interior design, Little Leaf Company supplied the indoor plants and cascading vines, and not-for-profit urban farmers Green World Revolution created the windowsill garden.

The breakfast and lunch menus have been written by Sven and sous chef Lisa Schreurs-Stone (Cantina 663, Mrs S, Must) and demonstrate a light touch.

“There won’t be the big fry-ups,” says Sven, late of Print Hall. “We want to create something familiar, yet modern. We’ll add some south-east Asian and Middle Eastern touches as well.”

Vegetables from the windowsill garden and oyster mushrooms grown on site will feature throughout the menu. The roast is from Dukes Coffee while High Mountain Tea and Whistleblower will supply the leaves. Specialty brewing equipment will also be for sale.

Growing their own ingredients is just one way the Sanders are thinking green. Coffee grounds and vegetable waste will be used in a closed-loop compost system, which will then be turned into organic soil for the mushrooms.

Tiisch will open by the end of May.

Cnr Hay & Milligan Sts, Perth

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm