Those in wellness circles often speak of “alignment”. At SoulJahs Cafe and Wellness Centre, owners Kristy Klynsoon and Zoe Wilson are focusing on bringing together the worlds of food and healthy living.

Opened in August, the cafe offers a range of services and workshops such as Pilates, art workshops, reiki, naturopathy, kinesiology, massage and mums and bubs yoga.

A former employee-relations advisor, Klynsoon changed career paths after studying Buddhism, yoga and reiki. Wilson, a former make-up artist, began making raw desserts after becoming vegetarian. Although vegetarian and vegan dishes dominate the menu, eating at SoulJahs isn't about labels.

“We don’t want to be making any statements and putting people off,” says Wilson. “We want to positively influence people and show them that vegan and vegetarian food can be delicious.”

Served with strawberries, maple syrup, vanilla-coconut ice-cream and raw chocolate, the gluten-free waffles are already a big seller. Lunchtime is largely about burgers: choose between the mushroom or "sweet nothings" burger, a sweet potato, lentil and brown rice pattie with beetroot, tomato, spinach, garlic aioli and chilli-onion jam.

Although SoulJahs serves Micrology coffee, tea is its forte.

“The teas have come from a lot of research and passion for herbs,” says Wilson. "It’s an intuitive process to make the blends.”

House blends include aphrodisiac, de-stress and energise combinations. Green, black and white teas are also available. Teas are served in a glass teapot and kept warm with tea-light candles and guests can watch the tea blossom and change colour before pouring.

Medicinal mushrooms are also available and served as a tea, or blended with hot chocolate or coffee. Cashew and almond milks are made fresh on-site every morning.

Naturally, Wilson’s raw desserts are also available, as are gluten-free and vegan doughnuts.

SoulJahs Cafe and Wellness Centre
1/508 Brookton Highway, Roleystone
0419 966 442

Mon & Tue 7.30am–2.30pm
Thu & Fri 7.30am–2.30pm
Sat & Sun 8am–2.30pm