Satchmo isn’t so much a cafe as it is a communal living room for North Perth locals. After 10 successful months of daytime trade, Satchmo is now opening for dinner on weekends and serving alcohol to its diners. For owner Nathan Karnovsky, the cafe’s evolution was about paying respect to the small, personable and easy-going American diners of the past.

“The dream was to have a place where I could hear live jazz, have a drink and eat some Jewish soul food,” says Karnovsky. “It’s nice to be that space.”

While Satchmo’s dinner menu includes the same items served during the day – think Jewish classics like chicken matzo-ball soup and savoury blintzes – evenings see the introduction of pretzels baked in-house by Karnovsky’s mother Benedikte. In addition to wine and craft beer, the cafe also serves cocktails named after famous writers (Hemingway) and musicians (the King Louis White Russian). Live music is played between 7pm and 10:30pm Friday to Sunday with a different artist or band performing each night.

In comparison to most restaurants, Satchmo’s welcoming, intimate setting means diners are as likely to see familiar faces as they are meet new people. On opening night Karnovsky observed two groups from vastly different age groups chatting for hours.

“I see these connections happening around me and stand back and think, this is exactly what I wanted,” Karnovsky says. “The space lends itself to that comfortable because it feels like home.”

Satchmo Cafe
1/400 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth
0422 233 664

Mon-Thu 7am-5pm, Fri 7am-11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-11pm