Coming from a family with a strong hospitality background, barista Jacob Chapman tried studying at university but always found himself drawn back to coffee. After a two-year stint at East Perth’s Higher Grounds, Chapman has partnered with mother Ann-Marie to open Regular Coffee Company in Carine.

“We opened it after seeing a gap in the northern suburbs,” he says. “There isn’t much specialty coffee going on up here: there are cafes kicking out awesome food, but coffee always seems to be an afterthought.”

Regular Coffee Company’s roaster of choice is Twin Peaks, with eastern states and overseas beans making guest appearances. Tea is from Perth-based Teassential. Chapman is a stickler for consistency and goes the extra mile when it comes to water quality.

“Everyone has an RO [reverse osmosis] system that strips the minerals out,” he says. “We’ve got a purpose-built pump that doses our own solution of minerals back into the water to make it the best it can be for brewing coffee and tea.”

The all-day food menu features a mix of breakfast and lunch dishes, including smashed avo, pancakes, arancini and a brisket burger. Cakes, muffins and sausage rolls are baked in-house.

The imminent delivery of a high-tech Sanremo Opera 2.0 espresso machine from Italy will complete the cafe’s setup. A range of speciality coffee products will be added to the cafe’s shelves in the coming weeks.

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Despite Regular Coffee only just launching, the Chapmans already have plans to grow the business.

“We’re going to roast,” Chapman says. “Six to 12 months from now we’ll start looking for a second location to roast from and potentially have a coffee bar as well. That’s why the name is Coffee Company. We plan on becoming a brand.”

Regular Coffee Company
10 / 2 Gemstone Boulevard, Carine
No phone

Mon to Sun 6am–5pm (kitchen 7am–2pm)