You and I know that The Re Store is widely regarded as the inventor of the continental roll, Western Australia’s spiritual Italian-Australian sandwich. You and I also know that eating one of these jaw-testing cold-cuts-and-salad sandos is an excellent way to simultaneously lower one’s centre of gravity and productivity.

Moreno Berti of The Re Store Leederville understands this too. So much so that he’s launched a new sandwich for those occasions when a full-size continental roll might be a little too much to handle.

Introducing The Spuntino (“snack” in Italian): a short roll filled with prosciutto and provolone cheese. Nothing more. Nothing less. Add-ons aren’t permitted and the sandwiches are pre-made each morning and sold as-is till they run out. Considering they’re just $5, that shouldn’t take too long, at least if today’s 15-roll trial is anything to go by. (They all sold out by early afternoon).

The idea for the sandwich came to Berti while in northern Italy recently for his cousin’s wedding.

“It’s something they do for breakfast and it’s served in almost a flat ciabatta,” he says. “When I had it, I thought, ‘I have to do it when I get back’. It’s just something simple and plain. Not too much prosciutto. Not too much provolone. I want to get back to that thing where you taste the meat and cheese. Italian food is meant to be simple. We try to make it too complicated sometimes.”

The Spuntino ($5) is available at Re Store Northbridge (72 Lake Street, Northbridge) and Re Store Leederville (231 Oxford Street, Leederville).