In a world and social-media landscape overrun by freakshakes and deconstructions, the raindrop cake was an event. This smooth, crystal-clear dome – not unlike a raindrop on a leaf – is a dessert people have been lining up for in Japan, New York and over east. The dessert is now available in Perth with Mrs S the latest to serve this striking sweet. The Raindrop Cake is also available at JBento in Mount Pleasant.

This cake originated in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture, where it is known as mizu shingen mochi, or “water cake”. Kinseiken Seika Company started making it in 2013 using water from the Japanese Alps and agar, a gelatine-like substance made from algae. It was popularised in America by chef Darren Wong who debuted it in April at the Smorgasburg food markets in Brooklyn. He makes 50 to 100 cakes at a time and each batch sells out fast.

Mrs S owner Aaron Ho and his wife Thuong Do first tasted the cake at a Japanese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

“The first time I saw the cake it made me curious,” says Ho. “How can they make a cake to look like a clear drop of water?”

Do, who bakes at Mrs S, spent four weeks perfecting the cake which is suitable for both gluten-free and vegan diners.

“The most important part is to get it to set as clear as water,” says Aaron. “When using agar, it can still be cloudy.”

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At JBento, the cake is served traditionally with kuromitsu (brown-sugar syrup) and kinako (roasted soybean flour). The Mrs S version comes with lychees, maple syrup, quinoa, almond crumble and fresh fruit. The raindrop itself has a clean, delicate texture and taste – it’s the accompanying fruit, syrup and crumble that gives the dish its sweetness. Each cake needs to be eaten within 30 minutes of being made, otherwise the raindrop melts away.

The raindrop cake will be available on weekends for a limited time at Mrs S’s Maylands and Highgate cafes. The cakes are free but must be reserved by telephone during the week. Diners will receive the cake at the end of their meal.

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The story was updated at 5:30pm on Monday July 4 2016 to reflect new information.