Never mind the thigh or breast, Kurt Sampson is a liver man. He’s equally enamoured with heart and loves a bit of tongue, too. These divisive – and delicious – organ meats are some of the ingredients the Propeller chef will be cooking as part of the restaurant’s first Offal Discovery Degustation, a four-course dinner that puts animal off-cuts front and centre.

“It’s all about the flavour and texture,” says Sampson. “There’s nothing better than sucking on a piece of heavily braised oxtail. I just took it off the menu but when it was on, we’d have people coming in telling us how they used to eat oxtail all the time growing up, but couldn’t find it anymore. They really appreciated it being on the menu.”

As you’d expect from one of the country’s most accomplished interpreters of Middle Eastern flavours, spice and earthy flavours will dominate the evening’s menu. A tripe, chickpea and chorizo stew will kick-off the night before the arrival of mezze platters. Among the parts and dishes to be served: sweetbreads, a Turkish-Albanian salted liver dish Sampson gleaned from a non-descript cookbook and mountain oysters (in case you need it, here's a Google link).

The headliner will be a pot-au-feu style soup loaded with no small amount of animal B-sides. To finish, expect a clever, on-theme dessert from Sampson and the rest of the kitchen: offal is an ingredient that never ceases to surprise.

The Offal Degustation Dinner is on Thursday July 28 at Propeller, 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle. Tickets are $85 with matched wines and can be booked online. A non-alcoholic pairing option with sparkling water and coffee is available for $55.

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