Mary Street Bakery’s outlets are a comfort stop for many coffee drinkers. With the opening of its dedicated coffee roastery, Offshoot Coffee, team Mary Street Bakery is now better placed to service Perth’s caffeine obsession.

Located on the Hay Street edge of Hibernian Place, this new specialty coffee shop houses a new roastery that will produce the coffee used in all Mary Street outlets.

The Mary Street Bakery team’s journey to expand into coffee roasting started a year ago with coffee operations manager Rummy Keshet leading the charge.

“As Mary Street expanded, we realised we could start roasting our own coffee,” says Keshet. “We started with single origin as an add-on to the business to see how it would go. Do we know how to roast, are our customers and baristas happy?”

Offshoot’s coffee roaster is a high-tech Loring S15 Falcon imported from America, which is in the final stages of commissioning. Whereas traditional roasters apply heat directly to the spinning drum that contains the coffee beans – think how a tumble-dryer works – the Loring applies heat to the air inside the drum for increased efficiency and accuracy.

“Paul [Aron, Mary Street Bakery co-owner] asked me, ‘What’s the best roaster we could possibly find?’ And I cheekily named the most expensive one,” says Keshet. “A traditional roaster is like driving a truck and a Loring roaster is like driving a Ferrari.”

One side of Offshoot is devoted to a self-service food station for customers to collect takeaway items on the way to ordering their coffee. T-shelves are packed with familiar Mary Street Bakery treats, sandwiches, salad bowls and breakfast offerings. There are retail coffee products to buy, and seating available outside the venue and in Hibernian Place. Although the concept may read as somewhat impersonal, Keshet promises a high level of service.

“I’m very passionate about coffee but I’m also passionate about service and functionality,” he says. “We want to make coffee for a lot of people to a really high standard. If the product is great but served to you with an attitude then the product is not great anymore.”

Offshoot Coffee
Hibernian Place, 480 Hay Street, Perth

Mon to Fri 7am–3pm