In a nondescript office building in West Perth, not far from the City West train station, you’ll find a humble, green-tiled haven with a friendly atmosphere, good coffee and great sandwiches.

With former Someday Coffeeco-owners, Joel Sneeuwjagt and Jessica Chisari-Sneeuwjagt- and former Someday Coffee Floreat chef Alex Turner as co-owners, Molo Coffee has been open just over a month but they’ve already built a dedicated crowd of regulars.

Chef Alex Turner tells Broadsheet, “For the most part, we see the same 150 customers a day because they work in the building. We believe staff make a business and we encourage our staff to make those connections. Coffee is always better with a chat.”

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The Molo menu reads like a list of Perth’s best artisan makers. Toasties are made with hand-sliced meats and cheeses from The Grocer, on bread from Big Loaf Bakery. Specialty coffee beans are from Five Senses and cold brew from Modus. Trays of cinnamon scrolls also from Big Loaf line the countertops alongside New York-style chunky cookies from Dough Parlour In warmer months there’s even poke bowls made with Kailis salmon sashimi, the same sashimi the Molo team uses in its house gin-cured salmon bagel. “We don’t have a proper kitchen here, so our focus is simple produce, made well,” Turner says.

The toastie menu is a little slicker than at your average cafe. Scamorza cheese and mortadella are paired with a sharp mango and lime chutney. Pickles, capers and dill dress up a classic tuna melt. Double cheese and whipped Vegemite butter on thick slabs of white bread make for a luxe take on a lunchbox staple.

Molo’s sage green, white and black colour scheme complements the tree-lined surrounds. With Harold Boas Gardens on one side and Totterdell Park on the other, Molo is perfect for a mid-week, mid-city picnic. “We couldn’t have asked for a better spot,” Turner says, “and we’re making sure we live up to that with an offering that is unmatched in the area.”

Molo Coffee
146 Colin Street, West Perth
0420 808 875

Mon to Fri 7am–2pm