New Normal, Subiaco’s waste-conscious restaurant and bar, announced today it will close in April.

“As many of you know, we’ve been punching for good food, less waste, transparency and a self-sustaining diet in our home region of Australia’s south-west for a little while now,” wrote the restaurant in an Instagram post. “Unfortunately, the day has come where we need to say goodbye and we will close our doors permanently after the last evening of trade on April 18. To reflect on what has been almost two years of activity, we have been heartened by the changes seen around us, both in consumption practices and policy in Western Australia and really hope to see it continue.”

Since it opened in early 2017, New Normal has been notable for its waste and sustainability-minded initiatives. These include eschewing printed menus in favour of blackboard menus, upcycling kitchen waste into bar and cocktail ingredients, and instituting a WA-only produce and alcohol policy (it even bought wine in bulk format from local winemakers and bottled it on-site). Despite his sadness announcing the forthcoming closure, owner Darryl Naidu hopes New Normal’s legacy of green thinking will live on.

“We certainly hope someone is able to pick up where we leave off and keep striving to do what we need to maintain a healthy food system,” he told Broadsheet.

New Normal closes on April 18.