I’m not sure if the polished concrete espresso bar inside Micrology’s breezy new cafe is the advertised 10 metres in length, but it sure is impressive. The giant (cold) brewing tanks and shiny new(ish) coffee roaster – which I can spy in the roastery through various windows – are equally notable, as is the volume and timbre of the sound system owner Dan Ash has installed in his week-old specialty coffee hub. In short, Micrology’s first cafe is a class act and a worthy flagship for one of the state’s more successful coffee brewing operations.

“I just want it to be a fun place to have a coffee,” says Ash. “It’s a really nice community out there.”

Between the space’s breezy look, striking blue and peach colour scheme (that’d be the work of Adelaide architecture firm, Studio-gram) and custom-made light fixtures and furniture from Remington Matters (the wall-long couch punctuated by small terrazzo tables!), the space certainly ticks the box for fun. In addition to the ubiquitous indoor pot plants and at-home coffeemaking supplies, the counter also boasts its own turntable and mixer DJ station: a detail more commonly found at bars and clubs than coffee headquarters. Despite these cheery touches, there’s a strong education element to the cafe, both for wholesale – there’s a dedicated training room – and retail customers.

“A lot of people who love drinking coffee would maybe like to learn a little bit more about coffee if they can, but they don’t have the right forum,” says Ash. “They can’t talk to their local barista because they’re always getting slammed or maybe it doesn’t seem like an approachable setup. The design here is for everything to be very interactive. It’s sort of like a pro shop kind of thing where people can come and learn and taste.”

At any given time, there will be at least three baristas (and as many as five) operating the coffee-making gear, which includes La Marzocco, Synesso and sleek under-counter Modbar machines, pour-overs, Aeropress, V60 and cold brew on tap. It’s a staff-to-guest ratio which allows drinkers to get their coffee geek on and ask questions and/or try something new. Coffee is the space’s main focus with eating options limited to baked goods from Big Loaf – North Street Store cinnamon buns and pre-made conti rolls, for instance – and Holly Raye’s.

Although the cafe opened in September, Micrology took over the space at the end of 2019 and have slowly been migrating its roasting operations from O’Connor to its new home. Now, Micrology does all of its roasting and distribution here. An address in semi-industrial Osborne Park makes Micrology an ideal pre-freeway pitstop.

Micrology Coffee Roasters
1/58 Collingwood Street, Osborne Park

Hours: Mon to Fri 6am–2pm