The Good Food and Wine Show returns to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre this August, featuring high-profile names such as Miguel Maestre, Matt Moran and Colin Fassnidge.

Pleasingly, local chefs also feature on the line-up, not least at the Kleenheat Kitchen, where Melissa Palinkas (Young George), Aaron Carr (Yarri) and Caroline Taylor (Taylor’s Art and Coffee House) will be doing free cooking demonstrations.

While Palinkas and Carr will be representing two of the state’s finer restaurants, Taylor is aiming to inspire home cooks with accessible recipes they’ll be able to add to their regular cooking rotation.

“It’s a great event, the fact that they’re supporting West Australian chefs is fantastic,” says Taylor, who jokingly refers to herself as “the approachable chef”. “I’m doing chicken and beef dishes, and doing a meatball tom yum glass-noodle dish, but I’m not sure what to do with the chicken. I’m thinking something charcoal-y, but I don’t want to set the place on fire. I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.”

Swan Valley-born and bred, Taylor has long championed the region’s produce. As executive chef of Taylor’s Art and Coffee House – the building was built by her brother Michael and is home to their mother Jude’s art studio – she has built strong relations with local farmers and provedores.

“I’ll be bringing ingredients from the Swan Valley to spruce up dishes,” she says. “There’s nothing better than putting a bunch of ingredients together that you might not have used before and creating a new family favourite.”

Local dumpling duo Brendan Pang and Jenny Lam will also return to the show for 2019.

The Good Food and Wine Show is at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 23 to 25. Tickets start from $20 and are available online.