“It’s not often that [King Somm chef] Ben [Atkinson] brings out his burger magic,” says Alana Robeson, one of the owners of the Bayswater bar and bottle shop. “But when he does...”

Robeson, of course, isn’t the only person excited by the thought of Atkinson reviving the burgers he served at Meat Candy, his sadly missed American fried chicken restaurant.

Since Meat Candy closed in 2019, its burgers – in particular, the famous fried chicken sandwich – have made cameos at a handful of places, most recently as part of Tiny’s Monday night Turntable Takeovers series last June. The response that evening was, unsurprisingly, good – and you can expect a similar reaction during this month’s pop-up.

Meat Candy’s cheeseburger will appear alongside the fried chicken burger, and there’ll also be a vegetarian-friendly mushroom burger. The burgs will replace the regular pizza menu while King Somm pizza chef Loris Evangelista returns to Italy to check in with family and check up on pizza and other food trends.

Meat Candy’s cheeseburger, fried chicken burger and fried mushroom burger will be available at King Somm between January 15 and 26.