For Mary Street Bakery’s third outpost, co-owners Michael Forde and Paul Aron are thinking small. At least temporarily.

Enter the new Mary Street Bakery kiosk: a custom-made white shipping container that’s being installed in the foyer of the QV1 building this weekend. While the third member of the Mary Street Bakery family will be a cosier proposition than the Highgate original and the West Leederville expansion, the family resemblance will be plain to see. The counter will be covered with baked goods including those notorious salted caramel-filled doughnuts. Takeaway pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches will be available throughout the day. Neon lighting will illuminate the kiosk at night (look for a hot pink glow). Mary Street regulars, however, might notice a couple of new additions, certainly those visiting at lunch.

“Lunchtime takeaway options will be a lot bigger than what we currently have and we’re planning on extending our range of salads and sambos,” says Aron. “We’ll also do big pots of single origin, batch-brewed filter coffee. I think it’s a really nice way of drinking single origin coffee. We’re sourcing our beans from Pound and going to be rotating the coffee every week or two to keep it interesting.”

Due to the kiosk’s size, most of the food will be baked and produced off-site with deliveries expected twice-daily. Breakfast will revolve around slow-cooked eggs and, to quote Aron, “things on toast, for want of a better way to explain it.” Although a small amount of seating will be available at the kiosk, the owners are expecting most of the trade to be takeaway.

The kiosk is just the start of Forde and Aron’s involvement with QV1. Once Mary Street 3.0 has been opened, the duo will turn its attention to transforming the old Bar One into Quo Vadis Baby, a casual inner-city tavern with something for everyone.

“It’s going to be a fun venue that’s an escape from the office,” says Aron. “Essentially everything is going to revolve around this big bar and kitchen pass. It’s going to be as much about drinks as it is about food.”

Among the things diners can expect: an alfresco bar, a dedicated specialist liquor store and wine bar and produce from gardens at QV1 including honey and eggs (Aron: “there’ll be no particular cuisine, but just fun, really accessible food.”). Phillip Schemnitz, the Melbourne-based architect that designed Cookie and Magic Mountain, has also signed on for the project.

Mary Street Bakery QV1 opens on Monday September 5 and will open from 6:30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Quo Vadis Baby will open in November.