You probably know Paul Aron, Michael Forde and the rest of the Mary Street Bakery set as purveyors of top-notch doughnuts, pies and other baked goods. With the imminent opening of Offshoot Coffee, a boutique coffee roaster and cafe in Hibernian Place, team Mary Street are hoping to shift the public’s perception.

“Mary Street isn’t a speciality coffee shop, but we use a lot of specialty coffee practices,” says Aron about the decision to expand. “We try to make the best possible cup all the time. People see us as just a bakery, but coffee is a third of our business. We really care about it.”

The heart of Offshoot Coffee will be a 15kg Loring Falcon roaster, presently on a boat somewhere between America and Perth. In addition to Mary Street’s own house blend, the plan is to roast a variety of beans specifically for filter coffee. Glass windows in the cafe will enable customers to observe the roasting process which will be overseen by group coffee operations manager, Rummy Keshet. Guests will be able to buy coffee beans and coffee-making equipment as well as take part in weekly information sessions.

The cafe will also carry a range of takeaway food options that guests will help themselves to cafeteria-style. Expect salads, sandwiches and pastries prepared in the central Mary Street Bakery kitchen and bakery. A small amount of dine-in space will be available.

In addition to making preparations for the opening of Offshoot Coffee, Aron and Forde are also in the middle of reopening their Mary Street Bakery outpost at QV1 and moving the operation out of its shipping container home and into a more permanent space.

Offshoot Coffee will be at the corner of Irwin and Hay streets in the CBD and opens in April.