Maylands side-street Lyric Lane joins Guildford Road with Eighth Avenue and is probably best known as home to Rossonero, a restaurant regularly named-checked in the best-Pizza-in-Perth discussion. The street now lends its name to a new two-storey bar, cafe and live music venue that has taken two years to construct.

Lyric Lane (the venue) is a family owned and operated business, with father and son Michiel and Konrad de Ruyter at the helm.

“We started looking for properties seven years ago,” says Konrad, who was hands-on during the construction and now serves as the venue’s manager. “This one showed a lot of potential and Maylands showed a lot of potential as a precinct. We developed the concept of Lyric Lane around the laneway vibe and the bar being an extension of the laneway.”

The downstairs 170-capacity concert space is suitable for both standing and seated gigs from rock to acoustic. The site’s existing bike shop and warehouse was demolished to make way for the venue; the basement was tunnelled in after the slab was laid. It wasn’t originally envisaged as part of the project.

“This is about what Maylands needed, what’s good for the site and what we see as something that will work rather than fixed ideas,” says Michiel, who project-managed Lyric Lane’s construction. “When we started, we had no real concept of what this was going to look like. We didn’t even know we were going to put a basement in.”

Lyric Lane has eight independently owned beer taps featuring local breweries including (Metricup brewery) Beerfarm, Colonial and Nail. Konrad previously oversaw the wine list at The Raffles Hotel, so customers can expect a well-curated selection with lots of Australian bottles including some “funky stuff” to keep things interesting.

Comprising small plates, main meals and sharing plates, the lunch and dinner menu covers everything from burgers and fish and chips to more creative dishes such as brussels sprouts with green curry. Coffee is from local roaster Kaltiva and a burger-style breakfast menu is offered on weekends.

Lyric Lane trades daily from early until late: a necessity, according to Konrad.

“If you want to be a local bar you need to do that,” he says. “Gone are the days when you can close for two days in the week, people want to be able to come out every night. It is a seven-day industry, we don’t have the luxury of turning ourselves off.”

Late-night snacks for the post-gig crowds are still under consideration, however there are plenty of options in the area.

“If we can’t service it, the kebab man down the road will love us for it,” says Michiel. “We are a community after all.”

Lyric Lane
177 Guildford Road, Maylands

Mon to Sat 7am–midnight
Sun 7am–10pm