Stalls selling Thai curry and rice are everywhere in Bangkok. Now they’ve come to Perth, or at least one has. For his next trick, Australian-born Thai food authority David Thompson has turned part of the Long Chim courtyard into a tuckshop where, as is de rigueur in Bangkok, customers can get a fast and (relatively) inexpensive meal, eat it and be back in the office in the space of a lunch hour.

“In Thailand you have these little curry shops that pop out of windows,” says Thompson. “This is a very fast lunch where people come, they order, they grab their plate of curry and rice, they sit on a stool, and they sit outside underneath some umbrellas in the courtyard.”

The tuckshop experience foregoes some of the frills of the restaurant proper. But while fussy eaters might arch their brows at the cutlery (plastic) and seating (plastic and red), the offer of exclusive dishes makes a strong argument for going casual at lunch.

The selection of four “fundamentally street-y” curries will change each day but will always include one vegetarian option. Other options might include a northern-style pork curry with ginger, a grilled fish curry and a pineapple curry with betel leaf and pork. Both the dining room and the tuckshop will offer different curries, with the latter’s offerings priced between $20 and $25. Although the tuckshop is dine-in only, Long Chim plans to introduce takeaway tiffins in September.

Long Chim’s tuckshop opens on Wednesday June 15, serving weekday lunches from noon to 2pm.

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