When Left Field Wine Store opened in North Fremantle in July, the cosy wine shop and corner store quickly won over drinkers seeking new-wave waves made with minimal additions.

After being contacted a month ago (August) by a local winery over a potential breach of copyright, owners James Whineray and Lucy Byrnes have decided to rename their small, family-run business.

Since September, the store has be known as Wise Child, a play on the word wild child and a nod to the store’s love of renegade winemakers and wild ferments. While Whineray admits customers may be confused by the change, he’s grateful that the issue has come up sooner rather than later.

“Rebranding has been an expensive exercise but at least it’s happened after two months and not two years,” says Whineray. “We just want to move on and forget about what’s happened.”

Despite the change of name, Wise Child will still carry the same inventory as before although its owners have moved away from the notion of “natural wine” in favour of the broader concept of minimal-intervention winemaking.

Wise Child
28 Thompson Road, North Fremantle
0434 127 723

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This article was updated on October 25, 2018.