For Mati and Kaitlyn Kuld, building their Highgate ice-creamery has been not only a labour of love, but a lesson in building relationships and community. Operating out of the laneway next to Blacksmith, the Kulds have brought traditional ice-cream to a city that has, until now, firmly embraced gelato.

Arriving in Western Australia in 2015 via Toronto and Michigan, the Kulds quickly fell in love with Perth.

“We felt like the pace of life was something that we really appreciated,” says Kaitlyn. “I think it’s different when you’re from here, you don’t realise how beautiful it is.”

The couple, however, had no family here, and craved the sense of community that came from their hometowns. Their solution? Create that sense of belonging by using ice-cream.

“We don’t have family here, so we had to create that family,” says Kaitlyn. “People come in and chat to us about flavour suggestions or their businesses. It’s really inspiring and we really appreciate it.”

Inspiration initially came from Chris Green’s coffee hole-in-the wall, Myrtle Ivy. Green worked with the Kulds and advised on everything from how to start a business to realising their vision of creating a nook-like feel in a functional laneway.

“We wanted people to eat some ice-cream and hang out,” says Mati. “A lot of ice-cream or gelato shops feel quite sterile, and there isn’t a homey feel to them.”

From there, the advice and collaborations have not stopped coming.

“Everyone’s been really honest about how tough having a small business is, and they’ve been really empathetic,” says Mati. “Everyone’s been so willing to talk about how to circum-navigate the issues they had starting out. It’s refreshing.”

“In Michigan, everyone supports everyone,” says Kaitlyn. “If you go into a cafe, they’re going to really proudly display what milk they’re using and where it’s from. People band together and lift each other up, and that was something we really wanted. Teaming up with other businesses and growing together is important.”

The crew from Top Dup provided invaluable business advice, while coffee from Blacksmith and cold brew from Get Ya Fix have both graced the menu. Croissants from Sugar & Nice have found their way into recent ice-cream flavours. In return, Kuld ice cream will feature in Sugar & Nice’s “pimped” selection of desserts.

Mati and Kaitlyn are looking forward to sharing tastes from their respective homelands with customers. Expect Pumpkin Spice, London Fog Latte (earl grey and vanilla) and Peanut Butter M&Ms to feature on the changing weekly menu. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.

Kuld Creamery
Laneway, 460 Beaufort Street, Highgate
0475 000 060

Wed-Thu 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sun 12pm-10pm