What happens when a rock’n’roll fashion creative director and a no-rules restaurateur come together to create a gin? Goldy, that’s what.

The antithesis of the complex new-wave gins infused with an array of native botanicals, Goldy is instead a no-fuss London dry gin lead by juniper and citrus, perfect for G&Ts.

“It’s straightforward. It gives you what it says on the bottle – gin,” says Perth-raised Justin O’Shea, one half of the brains behind the product as well as the self-funded menswear label SSS World Corp. The other is pioneering Sydney restaurateur Maurice Terzini of Icebergs, The Dolphin and Da Orazio fame, as well as (fashion label Ten Pieces).

Terzini and O’Shea met at Icebergs. “I thought, ‘Check out this dude in head-to-toe Rick Owens/Ten Pieces. That’s not an everyday Oz look’,” says O’Shea, who made a name for himself collaborating with Metallica to create a capsule collection for Selfridges; turned Mytheresa into a global e-commerce giant; and was creative director of Italian menswear label Brioni.

To develop the product the pair enlisted influential London bartender Tony Conigliaro of cocktail bars Untitled and Bar Termini, and who founded Drink Factory, which helps to create drink flavours for brands.

“Goldy is a new classic. It’s not meant to reinvent the wheel. It’s just an improvement,” says O’Shea. “It’s not a self-indulgent, self-praising, snobby ‘We are the best’ kind of booze. It’s just a great gin that is made for the people.”

Distilled and bottled in London, its hip-hop-style bottle design is as confident as the guys behind it and will be launched on November 16 at The Dolphin in Sydney.

“Being Australian I wanted to make sure that the launch in my home country was pretty awesome. Maurice is a person I highly respect and also his places are my favourite. So naturally I went to him first for stocking the gin. After he tried the gin and we talked about the vibe he said he would like to work together on building the brand,” says O’Shea.

Bottles of Goldy are available online.