Andrew Kenyon is best known around Perth from his time behind the coffee machine at cafes such as Timber, Frisch and Barc, and Uptown Cottesloe, so you might look twice if you see him manning the grill at Juicy Buns Burgers. His new brand debuted to the public in March over three sold-out nights at Timber and is returning for a second round of pop-ups in May at Northbridge bar The Bird.

Kenyon decided to try his hand at burgers after noticing his passion for coffee declining, and envying the connection chefs have with their customers.

“Coffee is just seen as a necessity,” he explains. “Maybe it’s a WA thing, but we put so much love and heart into it, weighing everything, extraction percentages. Then the customers chuck sugar in it and say they prefer a more mainstream coffee.”

Working with a local butcher, Kenyon combined extensive research with home trials and private events to perfect his product.

“Every Friday for three months I would buy different cuts, blends, fat percentages, grind sizes,” he says. “If I bring one thing to the table, I’ve tried to perfect a balanced burger. Acidity, sweetness, fat, salt. Smashed patties. Fresh, cold salad. Sauces that are not way over the top.”

The Juicy Buns menu keeps things simple with a handful of beef, chicken and vegan options. Affordability is a key feature of the brand; burgers are priced around the $10 mark.

“Between 18 and 35 you’re either at Uni and you’re broke, you’re dating and you’re broke, you’ve just got married and you’re broke or you have a small family and you’re broke,” says Kenyon. “To go out and have dinner costs so much these days, so we’re trying to keep it as cheap as we can.”

For those who didn’t make it to the Timber pop-ups, our advice is to not skimp on the napkins.

“When you have a Juicy burger, you’re never going to get a dry bun,” says Kenyon. “Every burger you get is sauced up, the patty is dripping. We’re true to the name, because nobody’s got time for dry burgers.”

Juicy Buns Burgers pops up from 5pm to 9pm at The Bird on Friday May 4, 11, 18 and 25.

Juicy Buns Burgers
181 William Street, Perth