Like many of us, I require a sweet treat multiple times a day, just as a little pick-me-up. And any time I skip out on a treat, I find myself mourning what could have been for the rest of the day.

Usually an almond croissant scratches this itch. When done right, it’s paradoxically light and indulgent. But what could make an almond croissant better? Chocolate, of course.

Merchant & Maker in Dunsborough has created a pastry that blends elements of an almond croissant and a pain au chocolat. It’s equal parts sensible and jaw-dropping – like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs whilst ordering a café au lait. It’s a pastry ensemble that feels like an old friend and a new lover. It’s the perfect melange of the traditional and the contemporary.

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The exterior, a reptilian almond crust, is browned to perfection and wraps around the flaky pastry of the croissant while oozing dark chocolate. This combines with the decadent almond filling, creating a texture that’s both indulgent and sinful.

On paper it sounds like overkill, but the flavours and textures are so well-balanced that when the treat is gone, you’ll want to queue up again to order another (if there are any left). The whole thing seems so artfully curated, that when the team at Merchant & Maker tell me that this croissant hybrid was an accidental creation, I’m surprised.

One day, the team had an abundance of pains au chocolat. And, in line with Merchant & Maker’s commitment to preventing waste, they decided to get creative. By slicing them in half, filling them with their own almond paste, sealing them up and topping them off with an extra dollop of almond goodness, the croissant was created. A happy accident that feels like it was meant to be. It’s the rich bitterness of the high-quality chocolate meeting the smoothness of their homemade almond mix is that makes it so memorable.

The first time I tried the croissant I was down in WA’s South West for a wedding – but the pastry quickly became the main event. And I even had to call the bakery and ask them to put a couple aside for my last day, because just one of these isn’t enough to satiate your mind or stomach. I’m counting the days until I get to taste this pastry love child again.