I grew up in a small town and for a long time my experience of Mexican food was relegated to packaged tacos; when I relocated to Perth and tried “real” Mexican food, it was love at first burrito.

My early ventures into the spicy world of Mexican cuisine were initially limited to fast-food options, which hit the spot in a pinch but didn’t have that “wow” factor. Since then, I’ve tried almost all the Mexican restaurants in Perth.

Perth Mexican joints tend to cover all the same hits: guac, mole poblano, tacos and burritos. While I will never pass up a classic burrito, I often found myself craving something more substantial. Enter Frida Mexicana’s chimichanga. The venue is named after Frida Kahlo and, fittingly, its chimichanga is a work of art.

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The night I ate my first Frida Mexicana chimichanga was like any other. I had been on the hunt for Italian food, but as soon as I walked past Frida’s my cravings turned spicy. I ordered the pumpkin chimichanga and impatiently waited for the (admittedly delicious) entrees to be devoured so I could get my hands on the deep-fried burrito.

When it was placed in front of me, I initially baulked at the huge portion but quickly steeled myself for the challenge. Rich pumpkin, gooey mozzarella, salsa, beans, sour cream and guacamole inside a deep-fried tortilla, served with a red cabbage salad. It was exactly what I had been craving. The side of green salsa for dipping elevated the explosive taste. The flavours were intense but perfectly complementary. The textures played well together, from the crisp tortilla to the pumpkin that dissolves on your tongue.

I’ve been back three times since and tried every filling variation but nothing has surpassed that first visit and first chimichanga. I’m heading back to Frida’s soon – and I know exactly what I’ll be ordering.