Northern suburbs burger fans, the wait is over: Hoodburger is now open in Inglewood.

The second Hoodburger outlet – and its first “proper” restaurant – sees brothers Matt and Tom Shaw truly spread their wings from the days of their back-of-nightclub pop-ups working out of eskys. The new store opened just a few days later than planned, and Tom is excited by the improvements the custom-designed kitchen will bring to the operation.

“A lot of people have followed us since the (Bayswater) bowls club,” says Tom. “I think it’s pretty cool to see the difference between us starting on mum’s barbeque and trestle tables and getting here. It feels really good to have the equipment we’ve always wanted. Everything’s where it’s meant to be.”

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The Hoodburger menu keeps things simple, with most items a variation on a cheeseburger or chicken tender sandwich. Signature items include the Hot Cheeseburger (essential for chilli fans) and the honey chicken-inspired Honey Butter burger. New additions to the regular menu include the chicken tender mash and gravy sandwich, which was the most successful item to emerge from Northbridge’s Tuesday night “Test Kitchen” (the concept will now run at both outlets).

The ’80s fast-food fit-out may seem simple, but take a step back and you’ll see the playful genius of installing what is effectively a drive-through kiosk inside a restaurant (the gap between the counter and the seats is meant to represent the “driveway”). Extra seating is available in the courtyard behind the restaurant, which has more of a bar-type feel.

There’s no ETA on the liquor license and the ice-cream machine hasn’t arrived yet, but there are plenty of local and imported soft drinks to choose from.

The brothers still consider the Northbridge restaurant to be Hoodburger’s home, but they have close ties to the new area and are keen to see more cafes and businesses move in nearby.

“I was born on Tenth Avenue, we grew up in Bassendean,” says Tom. “You can see the strip is really down at the moment. This building is from the 1890s, everything is heritage. It’s a shame to see so many of them in disrepair. I think we can turn it into a pretty cool precinct.”

Hoodburger Inglewood
848 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Sun to Thu 10am–9pm
Fri & Sat 10am–10pm