For 15 years, Northbridge’s Elephant and Wheelbarrow did one of the city’s best British pub impersonations. Come the end of November, this high-vis site on the corner of Lake and Francis streets will be swapping the Union Jack for something a little more international: Holey Moley Golf Club, a mini-golf-themed bar described by its owner as “a mashup of mini-golf meets cocktail bar meets music meets art”.

“Holey Moley is mini-golf reinvented as an irreverent, fun experience,” says Michael Schreiber, CEO of parent company Fun Lab and a 25-year veteran of the entertainment industry. “It’s something new for Perth, something to do versus a nightclub where you can’t hear the next person speak. There is music, but not at a level where your ears bleed.”

The golf holes are designed around concepts from Willy Wonka to Game of Thrones (“The Iron Throne”). Holey Moley isn’t afraid of political commentary and satire, either. One of the courses is known as the Ass-hole and features Donald Trump’s face attached to the backside of a donkey. A plaque implores guests to “make mini-golf great again”.

Drinking is very much part of the Holey Moley experience, though families are welcome in the mornings during school holidays and on weekends. The bar offering includes craft beers and cocktails, and the food is largely American themed: burgers, hot dogs and “crazy shakes”.

Renovating the Tudor-style pub was a major undertaking, with the golf holes taking around five months to construct. The room’s internals feature new flooring and bar cladding.

With 27 holes and capacity for 300 punters-slash-putters, Perth’s Holey Moley will be the group’s largest venue. The first bar opened 14 months ago in Brisbane, followed by additional bars in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Newcastle.

Holey Moley Golf Club opens in Northbridge on Thursday November 23.

Holey Moley Golf Club
55 Lake Street, Northbridge

Mon to Fri 12pm–12am
Sat & Sun 10am–12am