North Perth’s beloved Hobart Deli cafe has changed hands and the new owners have promptly added to the Hobart Deli family with Hobart Deli Larder.

Co-owner Ben Green says owning the Deli and Larder is a first for him and his family who bought the cafe after a six-month search for the right site.

“I went to Europe and when I came back I really wanted to give it [owning a cafe] a go,” says Green. “I convinced the rest of the family to join in. Hobart Deli is busy, the chef is great and it’s already under great management, so it was perfect for us.”

While Hobart Deli remains the same, the empty shop next door has been transformed into the small Larder. Hobart Deli’s signature green colour scheme continues throughout.

“We wanted to do something with the empty space and originally we thought a florist, and then we decided we wanted to offer more than that,” says Green. “Besides cheese, oil and flowers we also stock a beautiful range of natural, organic and locally produced items that range from grains, pulses and cereals to chips and chutneys.”

The shelves are stocked with locally made and owned goods including Postcode honey, Knutsford Gourmet biscuits and crackers, Sweet Tuscany Biscotti and Whistle & Squeak Cleaning Products. The fridge is well stocked with hard and soft cheeses and a bread selection can be found behind the counter.

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The Deli next door will continue to stock homemade meals and pies, while the Larder will focus on individual items, though Green says there are plans to offer take-home cheese boards from the Larder in the future.

“Hobart Deli has been part of the local community for the past seven years – we love to support local,” says Green.

Hobart Deli Larder
45 Hobart Street, North Perth

Mon to Fri 10am–6pm
Sat & Sun 10pm–2pm