Don’t be fooled by the name: the only medicines dispensed at this cafe are healthy food, juices and smoothies.

After listening to customers at their Fremantle cafe Chalkys, Sean and Sarah Mulcock decided to branch out into the health-food realm. “There was obviously such a need for it around here,” says Sean. “If we could find a space, we thought we’d give it a crack.”

The couple found that space in a small century-old West End building, and High Street Dispensary was born. The original bricks have been retained in the fit-out, which includes indoor bench tables and alfresco seating.

Collaborating on the menu are chefs Benjamin Anthony and Stephanie Vass from the raw food–focused caterers Total BS. But while nutritional value was paramount, it was equally important that the food at the cafe be affordable. “How do you introduce people to the world of healthy food if hardly anyone can afford it?” says Vass.

For menu inspiration, Anthony and Vass have looked to the world’s “blue zones”, areas such as Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan whose populations enjoy the longest life span. The lack of space hasn’t dampened High Street Dispensary’s ambition. The kitchen makes its own granola, kimchi, coconut yoghurt, raw treats, salads and soups. The entire menu contains no gluten, dairy or sugar and is also grab-and-go.

Ingredients such as kombucha, guarana and turmeric distance High Street Dispensary’s smoothies from the rest of the pack. Cold-pressed juices and kombucha are from The Juicist, and Dukes at Small Print supply the coffee. A mushroom mocha made of chaga and shitake mushrooms, chicory, dandelion, cacao, rapadura and house-made coconut milk is another option for the health-minded.

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High Street Dispensary
33 High Street, Fremantle
0407 388 798

Mon to Fri 8.30am–5pm