Happy days, Japanophiles. The team behind Mount Hawthorn’s Ha-Lu and Satsuki in Subiaco is heading south of the river and opening a dedicated teishoku (set meal) diner in Cannington.

Named Ha-Lu Teishoku, the 90-seater shines the spotlight on the traditional meal sets that classically contain a main dish, rice, soup and numerous sides.

“Teishoku is very, very popular in Japan,” says owner Ken Yan, “At the moment in Perth, we don’t have [anything] like it. We wanted to spread south of the river and our chef had [come up] with some new creations, so it’s good timing to package it all together into one new concept.”

As is the case in Japan, guests at Ha-Lu Teishoku choose their main – unagi, say, or sashimi, or a comforting tonkatsu (pork cutlet) – and then receive a set that includes rice, miso soup and a variety of sides including salads and Japanese pickles. In addition to choosing between regular and premium gozen teishoku sets, diners can add mini-sized dishes such as sashimi, tempura and beef tataki to their meal. While some Perth Japanese restaurants have touched on this style of dining, Yan says none have taken it as seriously as Ha-Lu Teishoku.

“We introduced [teishoku] at Satsuki [for] lunch time and it has been really popular for the last few years,” says Yan. “We wanted to open a restaurant that specialised in teishoku to cater to customers’ demands.”

The set-meal focus, though, shouldn’t deter those who prefer to share. An a la carte menu features the same mains served in the teishokus alongside additional dishes such as ramen, udon, soy-marinated sashimi donburis and roasted fish. A selection of children’s dishes will also be available.

In the kitchen will be chef Sintaro Sagami, a former member of the Ha-Lu kitchen in Mount Hawthorn. In addition to serving some of the mothership’s most popular dishes, he will slowly introduce his own creations to the menu.

The space is, according to Yan, “more of a traditional Japanese concept” and features two tatami (traditional woven mat) rooms that can be joined to seat up to 20 guests.

Ha-Lu Teishoku
2/1355 Albany Highway, Cannington
(08) 6111 7445

Tue-Sun 11:30am–9pm