The bad news: Guy Jeffreys, the head chef-slash-gardener at Jarrahdale winery restaurant Millbrook, resigned from his position after service on Monday.

The good news, however, is that Jeffreys will still be intimately involved with the restaurant following an internal promotion within the group that owns Millbrook.

As executive chef of the Fogarty Wine Group, Jeffreys will continue to oversee the food at Millbrook while also driving changes at Bunkers Beach House and Evans & Tate – two Margaret River properties also owned by the group. While he’s sad to be walking away from the Millbrook kitchen, Jeffreys insists the restaurant is in good hands.

“It’s going to be business as usual, but better,” says Jeffreys who began at Millbrook in February 2010. “The chefs I have in the kitchen are all excellent and the service team is killing it as well. I’m comfortable letting them be. I’m just taking a step back from the everyday grind of cooking and washing vegetables for the past 10 years.”

Jamie Hembrow, Jeffrey’s sous chef who came to Millbrook after coming up at Co-op Dining, will step up as head chef, while former brigade member Elliott Neil returns to Millbrook after helping open Vic Park cafe Hampton & Maley to take on the role of head gardener.

The first thing on Jeffreys’ to-do list: work alongside Bunkers Beach House head chef Jason van Druten to turn the restaurant into a casual seafood eatery.

“I want to do what I’m doing at Millbrook with vegetables, but with seafood,” says Jeffreys who will split his time between Perth and Margaret River in his new role. “Simple, mostly European flavours with lots of things to share and utilising really nice West Australian seafood. There’ll be no waste and we’ll be utilising everything.”

The plan for Evans & Tate, meanwhile, will be to serve terrines, pates, antipasto and other picnic-friendly items, although the changes at Evans & Tate won’t happen till the new year.