West Australia’s Gage Roads Brewing Co has announced it’s building a new brewery at Fremantle’s Victoria Quay. The family-friendly venue will transform the quay’s A Shed with a microbrewery, restaurant and bar, plus al fresco seating and children’s play areas.

Aaron Heary, Gage Roads chief operating officer, says the team is honoured to be building its first venue at the historic Victoria Quay site – not least because it overlooks the body of water that the brewery is named after.

“Our name, Gage Roads, was inspired by the stretch of ocean that separates Rottnest and Fremantle,” says Heary. “It’s a special place for all of us and it inspired our brewery. Now
we’re proudly taking the next step and we can’t wait to bring our spiritual home to life.”

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In another neat twist of fate, the font and design of the Gage Roads beer packaging was also inspired by the sheds at Victoria Quay.

Although Gage Roads began brewing beer outside Fremantle in 2004, unlike most West Australian beer breweries, it hasn’t yet had a public-facing venue. In addition to carrying the full range of Gage Road beers, the brewery will produce special release and collaborative beers, and feature beer from regional breweries across WA. West Australian produce will also be a key feature of the kitchen.

As part of the strong “go WA” theme, the brewery’s design is influenced by the existing structure of Victoria Quay and the A Shed, where it will reside. (The shed is currently being used as storage and office space by the Maritime Museum). The brewery is the first project to be announced as part of the Victoria Quay revitalisation.

Construction of the Gage Roads Brewery begins in October, with the venue expected to open in summer 2021/22.