A cafe name that raises questions is exactly what owners and siblings John and Kim Wong wanted. The name is inspired by Austrian Nobel prize-winner Karl Ritter von Frisch’s study of bees. Von Frisch, who also discovered bees have colour vision, noticed the creatures would form a community when building a hive in the wild. This type of hive is known as a barc.

“We want a hive attitude,” says John. “A community of people that keep coming back to the cafe.”

Asha Hall from Ash & Colour is responsible for Frisch & Barć’s fresh interior. Blue and green, the colours bees see in, feature throughout. The brunch menu combines Australian, American and Malaysian flavours. French toast is served with pandan custard; the omelette comes with Singapore chilli crab and the Black Angus corned beef potato hash gets accessorised with Sriracha soy.

There’s a deep focus on coffee, from the roast (Frisch & Barć is the only cafe that carries beans from local roaster, Top Shelf) through to the technique.

“Everyone gets caught up in the machine and the grinder but we wanted to go one step further,” says head barista, Andrew Kenyon. “We looked at the water.”

Every morning, water for the day is blended from the tap and a reverse osmosis unit to get the right levels for the best cup of coffee. According to Kenyon, water that is too hard can flatten the notes and flavour. If it’s too pure, the coffee can’t bind with the liquid.

Milk coffee drinkers will be steered towards the house blend while the single origin is recommended for those that take their coffee black. The latter is served with sparkling water and cascara - a fruity syrup made from the coffee cherry - on the side.

Equally exacting principles are applied to the tea to yield soft, delicate brews. Teas are brewed to the second with each kettle set to different temperatures to suit each blend. Upstairs seating will open in the coming months.

Frisch & Barć
297 Canning Hwy, Como

Tue to Sun 7am–3pm