The first rule of Fremantle Supper Club is you do not talk about Fremantle Supper Club. Or at least the founders of this new late-night pop-up. A ragtag team of hospitality veterans, the shadowy members of team Fremantle Supper Club simply want to keep their side-project separate from their various day (and night) jobs.

“We just wanted to open somewhere where civilised reprobates in Freo could hang out afterhours,” says our informant, Long Neck.

The genesis for opening Fremantle Supper Club? The chance discovery of a working, but unused kitchen attached to a licensed night club. While the operation sports a very punk, low-budget aesthetic (the marketing plan thus-far pretty much begins and ends with an A-frame sign that goes out on the sidewalk when open), there’s thought in the hospitality offering, starting with the absence of any cover charge.

The concise one-page menu features well-priced beverages ($12 Negronis, say, or the offer of a boilermaker of Nail Red Ale and Bulliet rye for $14) and a beer selection that takes in everything from cans of Emu Export to Nail Red Ale. Save for a smattering of imported fizz, local and South Australian wines dominate the cellar.

While the snappy supper menu won’t be picking up any Heart Foundation ticks of approval any time soon, the offer of American diner classics like cheeseburgers, onion rings, corn dogs and buffalo wings is music to the ears of local hospitality workers that have been crowding Fremantle Supper Club since opening a fortnight ago.

“We’ve priced everything in a way that’s very reasonable,” says Long Neck. “You don’t feel like you’re getting nailed and all the deals are listed on the menu.”

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For now, the plan is to open Fremantle Supper Club on Saturdays, although existing bookings mean the space will be unavailable some weekends. Details on opening hours for specific weekend will be released on the the club’s Facebook.

Fremantle Supper Club
Level 1, 198 High Street, Fremantle

Selected Saturdays 11pm-3am (see Facebook for dates)