Just north of Leach Highway, you’ll find the criminally underrated Hulme Court, an unexpected nook of eateries tucked away between a petrol station, a car dealership and a gym. Malaysian stalwart Ipoh Garden and community favourite Chop Chop BBQ nestle near a kimchi shop, grocer and many more.

These are our favourite spots in this community food hub (which features a disproportionately high concentration of bubble tea shops).

Chop Chop BBQ
The Myaree branch of Chop Chop BBQ transports the familiar service, chilli station and complimentary broth from its Barrack Street (CBD) location to the south of the river.

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The reams of roast pork, with their blistered amber-gold skins glistening from over the counter, promise a satisfying crunch whether ordered with rice or noodles. Thick slices of char siu, their outsides flushed with a red-pink halo, sit over chewy egg noodles, giving way to a tender sliver of bok choy with each bite.

With a menu that ranges from Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, fatty char siu and wonton mee, Chop Chop BBQ is the destination for every diner homesick for hawker-style fare.
46 Hulme Court, Myaree

Pedal Cafe
With help from Perth roasters Blacklist Coffee, Pedal Cafe caffeinates lycra-clad morning commuters and sends them on their way with pastries in one hand and cycling supplies in the other.

Those yearning for the molten yolk of a soft-boiled egg and the kaya butter toast of a Malaysian breakfast are covered. You’ll also find another much-loved classic, the Milo dinosaur – an iced Milo topped with a heaping of Milo powder. There are sausage rolls and pies for grab-and-go lunches and sweet treats in the form of pandan chiffon cakes. The drinks list features everything from a dirty chai to matcha and even genmaicha, a Japanese brown-rice green tea.
49 Hulme Court, Myaree
0430 170 277

Oishii Ramen
Ramen might be right there in the name of this restaurant, but you simply have to order the udon. If you’re new to udon, opt for the Sanuki udon – the thicker square-shaped wheat noodles fare better against the light batter of tempura. Otherwise, try the Inaniwa udon, which is thinner and springs lightly from the dashi-forward broth.

The ramen is smooth with a slight bite and each bowl flourishes with your usual toppings: chashu, egg, fishcake and seaweed.
33 Hulme Court, Myaree
9330 9273

Krunchy celebrates the Korean corn dog, with its bright yellow interior, generous toppings and its choice of cheese or sausage filling. But beyond the panko-coated corn dog, there’s the “Potato Krunchy” with cubes of potatoes encrusted around the corn dog and the “Ramen Krunchy”, which crunches with its instant-ramen noodle coating.

You can also find tteokbokki (rice cakes) served in your choice of spicy, black bean or creamy red sauce. Otherwise, reach for the sotteok sotteok, a skewer of alternating sausage and rice cake, served with sweet chilli sauce.
41 Hulme Court, Myaree
No phone. krunchy.perth@gmail.com